June 06, 2021

New GENERAL TOOL V2.0 Free Download

New GENERAL TOOL V2.0 Free Download

 ( Samsung )

1-Arabic New Without internet

Arabic 11.x.x 

Arabic 10.x.x 

Arabic 9.x.x 

Arabic 8.x.x 

Arabic 7.x.x 

Arabic 6.x.x 

Arabic 5.x.x 

Arabic Keyborad 

Change Arabic Morelocal

2-Unlock SIM 

Unlock SIM Sprint(SU)

Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom

Unlock SIM ChinaTelecom(SU)

Unlock SIM A11 TMK/TMB

Unlock SIM A21 TMK/TMB

Unlock SIM A51 TMK/TMB

3-Remove App

Remove App Verizon

Remove App Sprint

Remove App ATT&T

Remove App T-Mobile

Remove App Amzon

Remove App ChineTelecom

4-Change CSC

ChangeCSC 11.x.x

ChangeCSC 10.x.x

ChangeCSC 9.x.x

ChangeCSC 8.x.x

5-Remove ScreenLock

Remove Screen Lock (No Root)

Restore SystemUI

Remove Screen Lock (With Root)


Part Samsung

1-Format By modem Port

2-Reboot Recovery Modem Port

3-Reboot Download mode Modem Port

4-Fix 3G Sprint modem Port

5-Zero SPC Serial Port

6-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU)

7-Bypass Frp (Exynos-CPU) method-2

8-Bypass Frp VZW Modem Port

6-FRP-Samsung Account Downlod Mode

Bypass_Samsung_Account_Google_Account_Qualcomm_cpu all samsung old devices


  • Download Link: Click Here
  • Password: No
  • Size: 162MB 

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