June 08, 2021

Oppo MSM Download Tool For Lifetime 2019 All Model Supported

As you know, the stock ROM of Oppo A71, F5, F5 Youth has been available to download, but the tool for flashing the ROM is not released. So in this post today, we’ll share with you a tool to activate or flash the stock ROM again for your Oppo smartphone. If you are finding the tool to flash the stock ROM on your device when your phone hand the logo, simply read on this post to get the tool and steps to install it.

First, before getting started, you need to download the tools first:

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Steps to Install Download Tool and MsmDownload Tool

  1. First of all, download the file and extract it
  2. Now, continuously install two files: PDAnet.exe and CodeMeterRuntime.exe
  3. Open CodeMeter Control Center and select File > Import License and navigate to the OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001… in the extracted folder and choose Import.

4. If you see the License Activated message on the software window, that means it’s successful.

5. Now, open the DownloadTool file and remember to put together with the ROM folder, you will no longer see “CmDongle runtime system..” warning message. But keep in mind it’s not completely 


6. Now, return to the OPPO_ALL_TOOL folder, and run Enable.exe and select the Enable.

7. Next, return to the DownloadTool folder and tick on Format Download

8. Finally, enter password: te123 so that you will not lose IMEI when flashing ROM. We recommend you to use Upgrade Download

That’s all! The tool has now been 

successfully. You can now start flashing ROM, unbrick your phone or remove the password, etc. If you have any trouble during the process, let’s know in the comment below.

Updated 03/2019:

Currently, this method could activate the latest version of OPPO Tool, so you need to hire an account from OPPO to log in the tool. If any of you are encountering the “Oppo unauthorized cannot download, please check the connection and Oppo service center”, you can try to run the tool with Windows 7 compatibility and then check it again. You should also have a check with the current Oppo Tool you are using.

Extraxt And Open Oppo Download Too Activation Folder Then install CodeMeterRuntime Open CodeMeterRuntime Then Click File the Import Licence then Select Licence File Now Open Enable Tool And Click Enable (Antivirus Must Be Disable First) Then Extract And Open Download Tool Folder And Open Download Tool For Unlock Format Download Option To Click Format Download And Enter The Password (te123)

  • Setup Link....Link
  • Setup Pass..... OppOFlashTool
  • Activation Link...Link
  • Activation Pass... ActivationOppO
  • Password: GTAModMafia.CoM
  • Size: 20MB 

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