September 08, 2023

Android Multi Tool v1.2.0

The ever-evolving world of smartphones, Vivo has continued to make strides with its innovative features and technology. With the release of the latest Android Multi Tool in 2023, Vivo users are in for a treat. This tool comes packed with new features and functionalities that cater to a wide range of user needs. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of Vivo's Factory Reset, FRP Reset, Flash, Demo Removal, and more. Additionally, we will explore how this tool offers a solution for unlocking a staggering 99% of Vivo models, making it a must-have for any Vivo enthusiast.

A Glimpse into Android Multi Tool

Before we dive into the specifics of Vivo's Factory Reset, FRP Reset, Flash, and Demo Removal, let's take a moment to understand what Android Multi Tool is and how it benefits users. Android Multi Tool is a software utility that is designed to simplify the process of managing and troubleshooting Android devices. It's particularly handy for Vivo users as it offers an array of features to enhance the user experience.

Android Multi Tool v1.2.0

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Unlocking the Potential: Vivo's New Updates

One of the standout features of Vivo's Factory Reset tool is its compatibility with a whopping 99% of Vivo models. This means that no matter which Vivo device you own, there's a high likelihood that this tool can help you unlock it. Whether you're dealing with a Vivo V-series, Y-series, or any other model, the Android Multi Tool is your trusted companion.

Android Multi Tool v1.2.0 Features

  • VIVO Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Flash, Demo Remove...
  • The latest version of Android Multi Tool includes a number of new features, including:
  • Vivo New Updated 2023 has some 99% models that are free you can unlock...!!
  • Preloader Mode Factory Reset
  • Preloader Mode Reset FRP
  • Preloader Mode Flash
  • Preloader Mode Demo
  • Preloader Mode Bl Unlock
  • Preloader Mode RPMB Read
  • Preloader Mode RPMB Write
  • Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Flash, Demo Remove...
  • You can unlock any model Vivo

Preloader Mode Functions

Let's explore some of the key functions available in Preloader Mode

  • Factory Reset: Factory reset is a powerful option that allows you to wipe all user data and restore your Vivo device to its original settings. This can be extremely useful in cases of software issues or when you're selling your device and want to erase all personal data.
  • FRP Reset: FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your device after a factory reset. With this tool, you can easily reset the FRP lock on your Vivo device, ensuring that you have full access once again.
  • Flash: Flashing your device with the latest firmware can breathe new life into it. Whether you want to update your device or recover from a bricked state, the Flash feature in Preloader Mode has got you covered.
  • Demo Removal: Demo modes are often set up in store display devices. If you've purchased such a device or accidentally activated the demo mode, this tool can help you remove it, giving you full control over your Vivo device.
  • BL Unlock: BL Unlock, short for Bootloader Unlock, allows you to unlock the bootloader of your Vivo device. This is essential for advanced users who want to customize their device and install custom ROMs.
  • RPMB Read and Write: RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) functions enable you to read and write data securely, ensuring data integrity on your device.


In conclusion, the Android Multi Tool's latest version is a game-changer for Vivo users in 2023. With its extensive compatibility and a wide array of features, it offers solutions for factory resetting, FRP resetting, flashing, demo removal, bootloader unlocking, and more. This tool not only simplifies device management but also empowers users to take full control of their Vivo devices. So, whether you're looking to troubleshoot, upgrade, or unlock your Vivo smartphone, the Android Multi Tool is your go-to companion. Unlock the potential of your Vivo device today.

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Size: 34.MB 
File Name: Android Multi Tool v1.2.0

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