September 15, 2023

EFT Pro V4.5.5 Update: MTK and Apple Enhancements

In the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, staying up-to-date with the latest software and tools is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike. EFT Pro Dongle has been a reliable companion for mobile technicians and users, offering a wide range of features and capabilities for servicing and unlocking various devices. With the release of EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001, exciting new enhancements have been introduced, particularly focusing on MediaTek (MTK) and Apple devices. In this article, we will delve into the key improvements and features that make this update a must-have for anyone working with mobile devices.

EFT Pro V4.5.5 Update

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MTK (MediaTek) Enhancements

MediaTek, known for its chipsets that power a myriad of smartphones and tablets, is a significant player in the mobile industry. The EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001 pays special attention to MTK devices, bringing several enhancements that simplify the servicing and unlocking process.

  • Improved Device Support: This update expands the list of supported MTK devices, ensuring that you can work with a broader range of smartphones and tablets. Whether you are dealing with popular brands or lesser-known models, EFT Pro Dongle has you covered.
  • Firmware Flashing: Flashing firmware on MTK devices has never been easier. With the new EFT Pro Dongle update, you can effortlessly flash custom or stock firmware, helping you recover bricked devices or update them to the latest software versions.
  • Unlocking Capabilities: If you're in the business of unlocking MTK devices, this update provides enhanced unlocking capabilities, allowing you to unlock more devices quickly and efficiently.
  • Repair IMEI: The update also brings improvements to IMEI repair for MTK devices, ensuring that you can resolve network-related issues with ease.

Apple Device Enhancements

Apple devices are renowned for their security features and robust operating system. With EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001, the tools for working with Apple devices have been refined, making it a valuable asset for technicians dealing with iPhones and iPads

  • iOS Compatibility: The update ensures compatibility with the latest iOS versions, guaranteeing that you can service and unlock even the newest Apple devices.
  • iCloud Removal: iCloud activation lock issues are a common challenge when working with Apple devices. This update includes improved tools for iCloud removal, making it possible to help customers regain access to their locked devices.
  • Device Unlocking: Whether you need to unlock a network-locked iPhone or bypass the screen lock, the EFT Pro Dongle offers enhanced solutions for unlocking various Apple devices.
  • Data Recovery: In addition to unlocking, the update provides advanced data recovery options, allowing you to retrieve valuable data from locked or disabled Apple devices.


EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001 brings a host of exciting enhancements, with a strong focus on MediaTek and Apple devices. Mobile technicians and enthusiasts can benefit from the expanded device support, simplified flashing and unlocking procedures, and improved compatibility with the latest iOS versions. Whether you're repairing MTK smartphones or troubleshooting Apple devices, this update empowers you with the tools you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Stay at the forefront of mobile technology with EFT Pro Dongle, and explore the possibilities that this latest update has to offer.

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