September 14, 2023

HTH ND Tool v1.9: Your iCloud Unlock Solution

In the world of technology and gadgets, the HTH ND Tool v1.9 has emerged as a lifesaver for iPhone and iPad users facing the frustrating iCloud lock conundrum. This innovative software offers a free solution to bypass iCloud locks and passcodes on iOS 15 and iOS 16-compatible devices, providing an avenue to regain control of your Apple device. In this article, we will delve into the key features and supported devices of HTH ND Tool v1.9, highlighting how it can be a game-changer for those in need of iCloud unlock services.

Unlocking iCloud: A Pressing Need

iCloud locks have long been a thorn in the side of iPhone and iPad users. Whether it's due to a forgotten Apple ID password, a second-hand device with locked credentials, or simply an unfortunate mishap, many have found themselves locked out of their own devices. HTH ND Tool v1.9 addresses this issue head-on, offering a lifeline to those who've been locked out of their valuable iOS devices.


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Key Features of HTH ND Tool v1.9

365 Days of Free Usage: One of the standout features of HTH ND Tool v1.9 is that it's absolutely free to use for 365 days, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

  • Compatibility with iOS 15 and iOS 16: This tool is specifically designed to work with the latest iOS versions, including iOS 15 and iOS 16, ensuring that even users with the most recent Apple devices can benefit from its capabilities.
  • Check Lock/IOS: Users can easily check the status of their device's lock and iOS version, providing valuable information to help them navigate the unlocking process.
  • Hidden iCloud 12-16.6: The tool is equipped to bypass the hidden iCloud lock on devices running iOS 12 through iOS 16.6, offering a comprehensive solution.
  • Bypass Passcode - Sim 12-16.6: HTH ND Tool v1.9 goes beyond iCloud locks and also enables the bypassing of passcodes on iOS 12 through iOS 16.6 devices.
  • IPWND, Jailbreak, Disable Update/Reset, and More: The tool offers an array of functionalities, including IPWND, jailbreak capabilities, and the ability to disable updates and resets, among other features. This versatility ensures that users have complete control over their devices.

Supported Devices

HTH ND Tool v1.9 extends its helping hand to a range of Apple devices, including:

  • iPhone 6s and later: Whether you own an older model or the latest iPhone, you can count on HTH ND Tool v1.9 to assist with iCloud unlocking.
  • iPad Air 2 and later: iPad users can also benefit from this tool, starting with the iPad Air 2 and newer models.
  • iPad Mini 4 and later: The tool covers a wide spectrum of iPad Mini models, ensuring accessibility for various users.
  • iPod Touch 7th Generation: Even iPod Touch users can rely on HTH ND Tool v1.9 to unlock their devices.


The HTH ND Tool v1.9 is a beacon of hope for iPhone and iPad users struggling with iCloud locks and passcodes. With its impressive array of features, compatibility with the latest iOS versions, and support for a range of Apple devices, it stands as a reliable solution in the realm of iCloud unlocking tools. Say goodbye to locked devices and regain control of your Apple products with HTH ND Tool v1.9. Download it today and experience the freedom to use your iPhone or iPad as you intended. 

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Size: 7.85 MB 
File Name: HTH ND Tool v1.9

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