September 07, 2023

Magisk v26.2

Unlocking the true potential of your Android device has never been easier, thanks to Magisk. The popular systemless rooting tool has now reached version 26.2, bringing a host of new features and improvements. In this article, we'll dive into the exciting changes introduced in Magisk v26.2 and explore how they enhance your Android experience.

Support for Extracting Boot Image from payload.bin

Magisk v26.2 introduces a groundbreaking feature – the ability to extract the boot image directly from payload.bin. This simplifies the process of modifying your device's boot image, making it more accessible for advanced users and developers.

Support for cpio Files Containing Character Files

Character files are a crucial component of the Android system. With this update, Magisk extends its support to cpio files containing character files, ensuring comprehensive compatibility when dealing with various system files.

Magisk v26.2

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Support for Listing cpio Content

Understanding the contents of a cpio archive is essential for system modification. Magisk v26.2 now provides a feature to list the contents of a cpio archive, making it easier to navigate and manipulate system files.

Direct Handling of AVB 1.0 Signing and Verification

Magisk has improved its security by directly handling AVB (Android Verified Boot) 1.0 signing and verification. This enhancement bypasses the need for a Java implementation, reducing complexity and potential points of failure in the rooting process.

Making the Daemon Socket a Fixed Path in MAGISKTMP

Stability is paramount when using Magisk. The v26.2 update addresses this by establishing a fixed path for the daemon socket within MAGISKTMP, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience.

Support for Printing Property Context

Property context plays a significant role in Android system configuration. Magisk now offers support for printing property context, aiding users and developers in understanding and managing system properties effectively.

Support for Only Printing Persistent Properties

For a streamlined experience, Magisk v26.2 introduces support for printing only persistent properties from storage. This simplifies property management and enhances overall system performance.

Proper Support for Setting Persistent Properties

Managing persistent properties is now more intuitive with Magisk. This update provides proper support for setting persistent properties, bypassing property_service and giving users greater control over their device's configuration.

Support for -g and -G Options in MagiskSU

MagiskSU, the root management utility, now includes support for -g and -G options. These options empower users with finer-grained control over root permissions, enhancing security and usability.

Magisk v26.2

Magisk v26.2 Features

  • Support for extracting boot image from payload.bin
  • Support for cpio files containing character files
  • Support for listing cpio content
  • Direct handling of AVB 1.0 signing and verification without going through Java implementation
  • Making the daemon socket a fixed path in MAGISKTMP
  • Support for printing property context
  • Support for only printing persistent properties from storage
  • Proper support for setting persistent properties bypassing property_service
  • Support for -g and -G options in MagiskSU
  • Support for switching mount namespace to PID with -t in MagiskSU
  • Fix for patching extended permissions in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for more syntax for extended permissions in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for printing out the loaded policy rules in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for patching boot images from ROM zips in the Magisk app
  • Proper preservation of boot.img when patching Samsung firmware with init_boot.img in the Magisk app

Support for Switching Mount Namespace to PID with -t in MagiskSU

Another significant addition to MagiskSU is the support for switching the mount namespace to PID using the -t option. This feature can be invaluable for advanced users and developers working on complex system modifications.

Fix for Patching Extended Permissions in MagiskPolicy

Magisk v26.2 addresses a known issue by providing a fix for patching extended permissions in MagiskPolicy. This ensures that system policy modifications are applied correctly, contributing to a more stable system.

Support for More Syntax for Extended Permissions in MagiskPolicy

Expanding on system policy customization, Magisk now supports a wider range of syntax for extended permissions in MagiskPolicy. This flexibility allows for more precise control over system behavior.

Support for Printing Loaded Policy Rules in MagiskPolicy

Understanding the system policy is crucial for system modification. Magisk v26.2 introduces support for printing out the loaded policy rules, providing transparency and aiding in troubleshooting.

Support for Patching Boot Images from ROM Zips in the Magisk App

The Magisk app now offers the capability to patch boot images directly from ROM zips. This convenience simplifies the process of integrating Magisk into custom ROMs, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Proper Preservation of boot.img when Patching Samsung Firmware

Magisk v26.2 ensures the proper preservation of the boot.img file when patching Samsung firmware using init_boot.img. This improvement prevents unintentional damage to the device's firmware during the rooting process.

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