October 24, 2023

ClanCells Simple Tool V2: Streamlining Efficiency and Simplifying Solutions

Welcome to GSM Asif Khan. ClanCells Simple Tool V2 is a versatile and user-friendly utility designed specifically for Android users. This free tool offers an array of essential features, such as Fastboot, ADB support, IMEI checking, and Module 2 functions. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, developer, or simply looking to streamline your Android device management, ClanCells Simple Tool V2 is your go-to solution for a seamless and efficient Android experience.

ClanCells Simple Tool V2

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Features ClanCells Simple Tool:

ADB Features

  • Bypass Samsung FRP
  • Bypass Motorola FRP
  • View Connected Device
  • Disable Updates on Samsung and Xiaomi
  • Enable Diag on Xiaomi/Vivo/Oppo with ROOT
  • Enable Diag on Xiaomi/Vivo/Oppo Without Root

Fastboot Features

  • Read Complete Xiaomi Information
  • Unlock Xiaomi BootloaderLock Xiaomi Bootloader
  • MOTO INFOHard Reset Motorola
  • Fix Imei 0
  • Exit Factory Mode - Moto

IMEI Check Features

  • Imei24
  • Imei Pro Info
  • Imei Info
Important Utilities
  • Install Complete Libraries (These libraries prevent conflicts and errors in programs and boxes.)
  • Install 15 Seconds ADB (This program installs ADB and fastboot directly to avoid issues. It can be run from any window (requires TEST MODE).)
  • Install MTK and SPD Drivers
  • Install Samsung Drivers
  • Install Motorola Drivers
  • ENABLE WINDOWS TEST MODE (Important to enable this to work correctly. Restart your PC after enabling.)
  • DISABLE WINDOWS TEST MODE (Disables test mode but not recommended for working; leaves Windows as it was.)

Module 2 Functions

  • Generated IMEI (Xiaomi/Huawei)
  • Generate Xiaomi/Huawei IMEI
  • Copy Xiaomi/Huawei IMEI
  • Checksum Verifier - You must enter your IMEI to generate the validated Checksum.
  • IMEI Generator
  • Generated IMEI (Samsung)
  • Generate Samsung IMEI
  • Copy Samsung IMEI

Auto FRP MOTO (Fastboot)



  • Windows PC
  • USB cable
  • ClanCells Simple Tool V2

How To Use?
  • Begin by accessing the provided link to download the zip file.
  • Once the download is complete, select a destination on your C: drive to unzip the files (make sure to choose a suitable location).
  • Prior to proceeding with the installation, it's crucial to temporarily disable your antivirus software to prevent any potential conflicts.
  • Navigate to the unzipped folder and initiate the installation process, following the basic instructions provided.
  • After installation, you'll find a desktop shortcut that provides access to three distinct modules. Simply click on the module you require to run the tool on your computer.
  • If you've already installed the necessary drivers, you can skip this step. However, if you haven't, proceed to install all the required drivers.
  • Connect your phone to the computer and begin performing your desired functions.
  • Enjoy the seamless functionality of the tool!
ClanCells Simple Tool V2: Link 1 Click Here
ClanCells Simple Tool V2 is a comprehensive solution for managing your clan or community with ease and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, rich feature set, and robust security, you can streamline your clan's operations and foster a strong, connected community. Give it a try, and watch your clan thrive like never before.

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