February 02, 2024

EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5 latest Free [ Update ]

EFT Pro Dongle Your Ultimate Solution

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back To My Website Gsmasifkhan.com, Today In This Post, You Will Get The Latest Version Of EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5 For Free, So If You Want to Download And Install This Tool Then Please Read This Article 

EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5

EFT Pro Dongle is a popular tool for flashing, unlocking, and repairing mobile devices. The latest update, version V4.6.5 Build 001, brings several new features and improvements for Qualcomm and Alcatel/TCL devices.

Software NameEFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5
Software Version(Latest Version)
File Size70.3 MB
Release Date2 January 2024
Login Key Free
File Hosted ByGSM Asif Khan
Price100% Free File
CompressZIP/Compress File
Windows CompatibleWindows 7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64 bit
Upload SourceMega

  • Support for new Qualcomm devices, including OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, and ONEPLUS models.
  • Automatic loader selection for easier flashing.
  • Factory reset and FRP reset to bypass Google account verification and restore devices.
  • Read and write flash files for backup and restore.
  • Support for new Alcatel and TCL devices, including the Alcatel 5002, 5042D, 5045Y, 6039Y, TCL 5102, T671, T770, T772, T773O, T774H, T775H, T780H, T781, T782, T790, T799, and T810.
  • Factory reset and FRP reset.
  • Read and write flash files.
  • New design and easy menu for SPD, MTK, and Qualcomm modules.
  • Translate ADB Android 14 (first in the world).
  • Update Translate ADB Android 10/11/12/13.
  • Remove FRP Direct (MTP, only USA Samsung phones) without EDL mode.
  • Update Bypass MDM for Apple devices.
  • Added support for new MTK and Qualcomm devices.
  • FIX Old Loader for Samsung (Test Point or EDL Cable).

EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5: Click Here (Latest Version)
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Q: What devices are supported by EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5?
A: A wide range of Qualcomm, Alcatel, TCL, MTK, and Samsung devices are supported. See the official EFT Pro Dongle website for a complete list.
Q: How do I update my EFT Pro Dongle software?
A: The update is available for download from the EFT Pro Dongle website.
Q: What are the benefits of using EFT Pro Dongle?
A: EFT Pro Dongle can be used to flash, unlock, and repair mobile devices. It is a versatile tool that can be used by both professionals and hobbyists.
Q: Do I need to be a technician to use it? 
A: While some technical knowledge is helpful, the software is designed to be user-friendly.
Q: Is it safe to use? 
A: It's generally safe when used correctly. However, always back up your data before making any changes to your device.

EFT Pro Dongle V4.6.5 offers a comprehensive set of features for flashing, unlocking, and repairing mobile devices. With its support for new devices and improved functionalities, it's a valuable tool for technicians and experienced users. Remember to use it responsibly and always refer to the official documentation for detailed instructions.

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